Training & Supervision

Peter Getoff designs and delivers training programs  that are fun, relevant, and powerful. His training services are built upon the same values and attributes that inform  the other services that Peter provides as part of Human Equation:

  • Peter brings exceptional insight to the training and supervision development process-he has a profound grasp and understanding of how to match his teaching strategies to the learning abilities and learning needs of his clients.
  • He communicates in a clear and articulate manner.
  • Peter brings extensive life and professional experience to the training and supervision arena.

He is as comfortable in a school room as he is in a board room in providing these services.

Services for Corporationscloseup of handshake

  • Training for managers
  • Training for line staff
  • Training  for HR personnel
  • Training for EAP staff

Examples of corporate training topics:

  1. How to facilitate a “successful” EAP referral
  2. Anger management theory and practice
  3. Interview screening for the “difficult” employee
  4. Assessment and Interventions for bullying in the workplace
  5. Preventing Procrastination

Services for SchoolsSchoolroom

  • Training and consultation for parents
  • Training for students
  • Training and consultation for teachers
  • Training and consultation for administrators

Examples of school training topics:

  1. Effective interventions with bullies and their victims
  2. Effective interventions with students with school avoidance problems
  3. Effective management of the asthmatic child in the school setting
  4. Therapeutic interventions for the troubled gifted child
  5. The ABCs of parenting children in the modern computer age

Services for Clinical Social WorkersInterview

  • Career planning
  • Consultation for new graduates seeking their first job
  • Supervision for social work interns
  • Independent supervision of MSWs earning hours for BBS licensure
  • Job interview preparation

Services for Mental Health Professionals

  • Consultation, supervision and training for Clinical Social WorkersCounseling
  • Consultation, supervision and training for Marriage and Family Counselors
  • Consultation, supervision and training for Clinical Psychologists


  1. Crisis intervention with children and adults
  2. Managing challenging client transference
  3. Managing challenging therapist counter-transference
  4. Case management of troubled children and teens in the school environment
  5. Therapeutic interventions with clients who have major mental illness
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